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BikewiseOur goal is for Bikewise to simply turn your vacations into a journey of experiences and knowledge of Greece. To plunge in history, culture, nature and hospitality of this land exchanging the stories of our lives.

The key priority of our routes is to provide quality services and pleasant and unforgettable vacations ideally combining body exercise, based on your abilities, age within a picturesque and colorful scenery.

Our principal values are respect for the environment and humans, collective spirit and the principle of "a healthy mind in a healthy body".

About Us About Us About Us

Who we are


Co-founder - Tour Coordinator
I am Chara. I love travelling…with people who trust me in planning the trip that suits them. After all, travelling is not only about reaching your destination; it is all the experiences, the pictures, the tastes, all the unexpected events that take place until you reach the destination. This is what I have been trying to share with all my co-travelers all these years. Now, I feel ready to transmit everything I have learned and make my own dream come true: away from motor vehicles, away from the fuzzy city streets and the impersonal fancy hotels but in nature, combining sports, tasting local products, attending local events and making friends that share the same passions…you!



Co-founder - Lead Tour Guide
I am Lefteris. My love for cycling began in the neighborhoods and the hills of my picturesque home-town Konitsa. It is right there where I had my first exploration experience along with my faithful two-wheeled friend. It was there where I fell in love with nature and the sense of freedom as the air overwhelms you while you pedal. I live in Ioannina now, but the bike still dominates my adult life. It is an essential part of my everyday life, a habit that I certainly don’t wish to change.

I work as a Turkish language teacher and I am a sports enthusiast. I started by running and nowadays the triathlon is my passion. My great love for sports drove me in Gymnastics Academy because I have always wanted to learn how sports affect the human body and mind.

I want to share with you what I have experienced while cycling in Greece; all the images, the knowledge and the experiences that made me love nature and the beauties of this country. The beauty of sharing experiences and thrilling emotions.