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Guided Bike Tours in Greece

We do believe that the best way to discover the magic of Greece is by taking a bike tour. Culture, local dishes, rural landscapes and legends come to life in the countryside as you cycle by. On our bicycle tours in Greece you will pedal to picturesque and inaccessible villages, such as the extraordinary villages of Zagori and Konitsa. Add to this, the marvelous landscapes of the Aoos-Vikos National Park and you have the best of northwestern Greece. End your every day with a delicious meal of local food specialties and you'll understand why Epirus in Greece is the next bicycling destination.

Furthermore, we are proud to introduce the first and only electric bike tour in Epirus, especially in the area of Zagori and in the city of Ioannina. We believe the sightseeing tour we offer you is so exhilarating and unique! There are so many secret stories, hidden in the legends of  the places we will visit, to share with you during our bike tours.

Our groups are small, each with a local guide. We are following secret corners known to inhabitants only, stunning viewpoints to take brilliant photos, places where real and authentic people live. Our CUBE electric bikes give a feeling of intense freedom and satisfaction and is less tiring.

Wherever you come from, whatever your age and fitness is, our bike tours in Ioannina, in Zagori and not only, will amaze you! So let’s cycle in Zagori, let’s cycle in Greece!

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Discover the villages of Zagori!

The name “Zagori” originates from the Slavic preposition “Za”, meaning “back” and the causative of the essential “gora” which means mountain or area behind the mountain. It is a translation of the ancient name of the region, “Parrea”, which means “beyond the mountain”, originating from Slavic genders that descended in the area in the 6th century.